About Vegan Summerfest

Vegan Summerfest

If you’re searching for an educational vegan vacation destination or you’re simply looking for vegan programs that are open to the public, welcome to the North American Vegetarian Society. Our Vegan Summerfest gathers people of all levels of experience at our leading vegan conference in the United States to learn more about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Take cooking classes, begin a fitness regimen, engage in animal rights activism, become a dedicated steward of Earth’s precious resources and make new friends at our summer vegan fest!

Participate in a Vegan Event

For more than 45 years, the NAVS Vegan Summerfest has been the place to learn about healthy vegan living. Every year, hundreds of like-minded community members gather to listen to the field’s most enlightened physicians, dieticians, chefs, researchers and activists share their knowledge and experiences.


Listen to Dozens of Renowned Speakers

Whether you’re interested in preparing delicious, nutritionally balanced meals or you’d like to learn what it takes to become an animal rights or climate activist, you can enrich your body, your mind and your lifestyle at Summerfest. Discover commonsense strategies that make everyday living a little bit easier or inspire yourself to take a new direction in your career – and everything in between.


Learn the Basics of Vegan Nutrition

Experienced dieticians and doctors share the tips you need to know to consume a healthy vegan diet. Learn how to maintain your commitment to your vegan lifestyle during the holidays, when traveling for business and when eating out. Find out the secrets to fighting food cravings, and don’t forget to explore Summerfest’s cooking classes.


Engage in a Healthier, More Relaxed Lifestyle

At Vegan Summerfest, we’re about so much more than food and activism. Gaze at the nighttime sky through a high-powered telescope, and see the planets and constellations. Welcome the day with yoga, or other exercise. Mingle with fellow attendees at a DJ dance party. Ask your most pressing vegan-related questions at a Q&A led by  experts.


Eat Delicious Meals

Summerfest wouldn’t be Summerfest without delicious, expertly prepared meals. Every day and at every meal, you’ll savor delicious vegan meals designed to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. Vegan Summerfest’s menu includes meals to satisfy gluten-free and raw food diets.


Meet Like-Minded Vegans and and Others Interested in this Lifestyle

Living a vegan lifestyle can feel lonely, especially around the holidays and at large family gatherings. Let Summerfest restore your commitment to living a healthy, compassionate and sustainable lifestyle! Summerfest is perfect for singles, couples and families of all levels of experience. Meet lifelong vegans and those who are curious about the vegan lifestyle, and make lasting friends who share your values.


Read What Attendees Say About Summerfest

Vegan Summerfest is the Event That Can Change Your Life – forever! Read what attendees have to say about Vegan Summerfest:

“Summerfest is a shining star in the darkness. I have never felt so understood, inspired and welcome as I have here this week.”


Vegan Summerfest is the perfect introduction for beginners to the vegan lifestyle:

“One year ago I came with no idea of what I was getting into and left committed to a whole foods, plant-based diet. Since then, I’ve gotten off drugs and lost at least 25 pounds.”


Vegan Summerfest provides attendees with the inspiration to launch a brand new lifestyle:

“This week was the ‘a-ha’ moment I needed to kick myself into a healthier lifestyle. I think the decision to attend Veg-fest may have saved my life.”


Vegan Summerfest helps experienced vegans reignite their commitment to veganism:

“By far, this event has been the most transformational, life-changing week for me of seven years being a vegan, and having attended many, many veg events! What a sense of global community!”


Become an NAVS Member

Join NAVS you’ll have access to our member only video gallery which includes select videos from Vegan Summerfest. Members are entitled to a discount on our Vegan Summerfest conference and a 10% discount on  merchandise at our online store.


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Since 1974, the North American Vegetarian Society has advocated Healthy, Compassionate and Ecological Living. Join our global community and discover the life-enhancing possibilities of veganism. Together, we can promote healthier living, prevent animal cruelty and preserve Earth’s climate for all its flora and fauna.

Act locally, live healthfully and think globally with NAVS.